A commissioned solo piece in five sections for dance, video and live string quartet, performed to music by Norwegian composer Magnar Åm;

1.The Mockery and the Mocked 

2. Behind the Facade 

3. Unknown, yet Known 

4. To Listen

5. To Find the Common Frequency

Dance video is integrated in two of the sections, created in collaboration with video artist Run Shayo and performer Tori Sparks. 25 min.
ENCOUNTER explores the curiosity, fear and mistrust that is so common when faced with something (or someone) unfamiliar, and the constant shift between resistance and acceptance, to finally arrive at a place of humbleness and mutual understanding.


Voldsdalen Kyrkje, Voldsdalen, Norway, performed with Ålesund String Quartet. Nov 21 2010
Volda Kyrkje, Volda, Norway, performed with Ålesund String Quartet. Nov 20 2010