a creative demonstration against the effects of nuclear weapons which […] inspired the participants towards further effort to abolish nuclear weapons once and for all.” (Nosizwe Baquwa / ICAN) Vårt Land, 5. mars 2013. EyeKnee Coordination_PHOTO Brendan Parker2 will this moment ever let go? is a dance and music performance which supports the healing process after personal and global traumatic events, for three professional dancers from Japan, USA and Norway, accompanied by a new piece of music by composer Magnar Åm. The music is performed by nine professional musicians from Japan, Norway and Scotland and a large chorus, as well as recitations by the acknowledged Norwegian poet Jan Erik Vold. The piece is inspired by PicaDon, a classic animation film by Renzo and Sayoko Kinoshita, which depicts the moments before and after the nuclear bomb fell over Hiroshima in 1945, and is performed in connection with international peace conferences both in Oslo and Hiroshima in 2013.


PicaDon 03_2013_12
Will this moment ever let go?
NHK Japan – television


March 3, 2013      OSLO CITY HALL, Norway

March 5, 2013      CHURCH OF VOLDA, Norway

August 4, 2013     HIROSHIMA, Japan (Mayors for Peace)

August 5, 2013     HIROSHIMA, Japan

August 7, 2013     KYOTO, Japan

August 9, 2013     TOKYO, Japan



Kevin Ho, Uta Takemura and Einy Åm Sparks (dance)

Magnar Åm (conductor and composer)

Njål Sparbo (baritone) Ellen Sejersted Bødtker (harp), Geir Draugsvoll (accordion), James Crabb (accordion), Sizzle Ohtaka (voice), Masahiro Saeki (oud, etc.), Haruhiko Saga (singing and two string cello), Saori Kojima (theremin), Vegar Sandholt (bells)

Jan Erik Vold (recitation)

Volda Vocal (choir), Ensemble 96 (choir)

Stephanie Sleeper (costumes)

Norsk Kulturrad_nettside2