A short solo created as part of the piece ENCOUNTER, commissioned by composer Magnar Åm, originally to be performed with a live string quartet. 7 min.   WATCH VIDEO

TO LISTEN follows a woman as she is faced with prejudice and judgment, curiosity and recognition. As she encounters a different culture, a different point of view, a different mindset, she experiences an internal rebellion and conflict, yet a yearning for resolution and inclusion. The dancer is forced to stand her ground, yet at the same time remain humble. Through the constant shift between acceptance and resistance, this character finally arrives at a place where she is able to let go of grudge and mistrust, and she is completely ready to listen.


WHITE WAVE DUMBO 2011 DANCE FESTIVALBrooklyn, NY, Sept 25 2011

FAB! Festival , New York, NY, Sept 24 2011

ADG Festival at MMAC , New York, NY, Feb 26 2011