A woman progresses through vast arctic landscapes, on an invisible path. A drop falls. Two characters balance the support and restrictions of occupying the same small space. Three bodies push and pull their way through unfamiliar territory. Another drop falls – time breathes, weight drops, movement flows.

Arktisk Kultursenter, Hammerfest (Norway)
March 30, 2017

CPR Center for Performance Research, New York (USA)
September 28 – October 1, 2017

DRIP is an evening-length performance which explores time, the notion of obstacle, perseverance and the relationship between the moving image and the moving body. Rooted in stories of human struggle, the choreography plays with ideas of scale and perspective, and our connection to the natural landscape. Set to music by composer Magnar Åm, the performance integrates the dance and film as equal elements and is inspired by the long and slow formation process of the sheltered, dark stalactite caves and the vast, barren prairie landscapes of the arctic. The constant communication between the dance and film blend creates a visual dialogue that drives the narrative.

DRIP is created in close collaboration with the performers and collaborators.

PHOTO: Tyler Sparks

EINY ÅM SPARKS            choreography, video editing and performance
STEPHANIE SLEEPER      costume and performance
KEVIN HO                        performance
TYLER SPARKS                cinematography
MAGNAR ÅM                    music
DEREK VAN HEEL            lighting design
BRYCE CUTLER                media design
KRISTY DODSON             production manager / creative director

DRIP is made possible through generous support from Arts Council Norway and Dansearena nord

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