PHOTO Tyler Sparks

WHERE THE LIGHT FALLS is a partially site-specific evening length interdisciplinary performance piece which merges the elements of dance, theater, live music, architecture and film.

WHERE THE LIGHT FALLS brings into focus different states of mind, and what the light of our consciousness may bring forward; in particular in relation to a sense of stagnation, anticipation and hopefulness. The piece peeks in on the life of a woman who is stuck in a state of waiting, and through use of video, props, vocals and movement a surreal world of memories and daydream comes to life. 


APR 2013     v05 – Crossing Boundaries @ Dixon Place, New York, NY (curated by Marcia Monroe) – with performance artists Sarah Cameron and Uta Takemura. 10 min.

APR 2013     v04 – Moviehouse @ 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY (curated by Chris Henderson) – with performance artists Sarah Cameron, Kevin Ho, Run Shayo and Uta Takemura. 30 min.

NOV 2012     v03 – BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, NY – self production, with performance artists Sarah Cameron, Kevin Ho and Uta Takemura. 60 min.

JAN 2012     v02 – Triskelion Arts SPLIT BILL Series, Brooklyn, NY – with performance artists Corinne Cappelletti and Run Shayo. 45 min.

NOV 2011     v01 – NACL Deep Space Performance Residency, Highland Lake, NY – with performance artists Oren Barnoy, Corinne Cappelletti, Cristina Jasen and Run Shayo. 60 min.


Oren Barnoy – performance
Sarah Cameron – performance
Corinne Cappelletti – performance
Kevin Ho – performance
Cristina Jasen – performance
Uta Takemura – performance
Run Shayo – video and performance
Tyler Sparks – photography and video
Stephanie Sleeper – costume