PERFORMANCE Sunday Sept 18th

I am happy to announce that my solo Open Your Window will be performed at
Linger Cafe & Lounge throughout the late afternoon / early evening on September 18th.
You’re invited to enjoy their delicious brunch (until 4pm), prior to the FREE performances, or just sip on a drink or two in this amazing space,
as I perform on the hour, every hour at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.
Linger Cafe & Lounge
533 Atlantic Ave (between 3rd and 4th Ave)
For a short while, on the hour every hour, Einy Aam transforms Linger Cafe & Lounge into a space from a parallel world, in which the diners and loungers become invisible observers of a woman who is stuck in a state of waiting and anticipation. Curious about what is out there, but too comfortable with the safety of what is familiar; she remains stagnant, only to realize she will have to make a choice.
The piece is based on material that I created during the Artward Bound Residency with The Field at NACL in Highland Lake this summer.
Attachment file
Stay tuned for my performances of To Listen on Sept 24 and 25!

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