will this moment ever let go? is a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary piece created in collaboration with my father and composer Magnar Åm, and will be performed by 3 dancers, 9 musicians (among others Asian Wings, Ellen Sejersted Bødtker and Njål Sparbo), a large chorus (Volda Vokal and Ensemble 96) and poet Jan Erik Vold, as part of Oslo Church Music Festival.

The piece is inspired by the classic Japanese animation film PicaDon, depicting the moments before and after the A-bomb over Hiroshima, and will tour to Japan in August. The work is premiering in connection with two conferences on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, organized by ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), and an exhibition on loan from the Peace Museum in Hiroshima.

March 3rd, Oslo City Hall, 7pm. FREE

March 5th, Church of Volda, 8pm. NOK 200
Einy Am_w photo credit
Kevin Ho
Uta Takemura
Einy  Åm

MUSIC: Magnar Åm

Njål Sparbo, baritone
Ellen Sejersted Bødtker, harp
Geir Draugsvoll, accordion
James Crabb, accordion
Sizzle Ohtaka, voice
Vegar Sandholt, church bells
Masahiro Saeki, oud m.m.
Haruhiko Saga, throat singing and two string cello
Saori Kojima, theremin

COSTUMES: Stephanie Sleeper

This work is made possible by generous support from

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DAVID QUINN – Icons And Relics

Come out for the fashion event Icons And Relics! Presented by Location One and Quinndustry as a prelude to Fashion Week in the form of a theatrical fashion adventure, spotlighting the 2013 Fall/Winter collection of renowned designer David Quinn.

Icons And Relics
Icons And Relics

Inspired by knights’ armor, byzantine icons, and the gender ambiguities of the
La Garçonne style of the 1920s, this dreamscape is carried along by choreography
influenced by processionals and pagan festival dances.

Choreography by Luke Miller and Ede Thurrell, dramaturgy by Kate Valentine, sound design by Shaun Hettinger (Memoryymusic.com), and lighting design by Keith Truax.

MONDAY, February 4 at 8pm and 8:30pm.

Admission is FREE. Seating is limited.

Location One – 26 Greene Street (between Grand and Canal Streets). location1.org.